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Drug Trade

NCA: Violent Albanian Gangs Have Control of UK Drug Trafficking Market

Criminal Albanian gangs ready to resort to “serious violence” have “considerable control” over the drug trafficking market in the UK, a National Crime Agency (NCA) report has revealed. The gangs, which use London as their primary hub but are established

European Union

Myanmar: Buddhist Monk Arrested with Weapons Arsenal, 4 Million Meth Pills

The government of Myanmar arrested a Buddhist monk on Tuesday for hiding over four million methamphetamine pills and a cache of “a grenade and ammunition” in his monastery. The incident highlights one of the world’s most sprawling drug epidemics in a nation former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has regaled as an Obama White House success story.

Myanmar: Buddhist Monks Arrested with Weapons Arsenal, 4 Mil Meth Pills

Venezuelan President’s Sons: Our Cocaine Belongs to Nation’s Second-in-Command

An extensive report in Miami’s El Nuevo Herald claims that the nephews of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, arrested for attempting to traffic 800 kilograms of cocaine into New York, have claimed the drugs belonged to the nation’s second-in-command, National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello.

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Venezuela’s #2 Threatens US Media with Lawsuit for Outing Him as Cocaine Kingpin

The president of Venezuela’s National Assembly–the Venezuelan government’s second-in-command–has announced he will seek to take legal action in the United States and Spain against media outlets that have published reports alleging that he is being investigated for running a cocaine trafficking organization.

AP Photo/Fernando Llano

Afghan Opium Production Increases 35-Fold Since U.S. Invasion

Estimated opium production in Afghanistan, an important source of funding for the Taliban, has increased 35-fold since the U.S.-led invasion, from 185 tons in 2001 to 6,400 last year, data maintained by the United Nations shows.


Female Aussie Drug Mule Faces Death by Hanging in Malaysia

A 51-year-old Sydney mother of four has been charged with drug possession after appearing before a Malaysian court. If found guilty she will face a mandatory death sentence. Maria Elvira Pinto Exposto was arrested at Kuala Lumpur international airport on

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