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Tobacco Stocks Spike Higher as FDA Cracks Down on E-Cigs

The index of tobacco stocks jumped by 4.9 percent on Wednesday after Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators threatened to ban retail sales of “e-cigs” if manufacturers do not control their rampant use by teens.


E-cigarette Use Rising Rapidly In UK And France

LONDON (Reuters) – The number of people in France and Britain who have tried an electronic or e-cigarette has risen sharply in just two years, according to a Europe-wide study published on Tuesday. The research, led by scientists at Britain’s

Jerry Brown fracking (Jae C. Hong / Associated Press)

Jerry Brown Raises Smoking Age to 21, Limits Vaping

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Wednesday that raises the state’s legal smoking age to 21, and restricts the use of e-cigarettes — “vaping” — in public places.


UK Doctors Urge Wide Promotion Of E-cigs To Help Smokers Quit

LONDON (Reuters) – E-cigarettes are likely to bring benefits for public health and should be widely promoted to smokers to help them quit tobacco. Britain’s Royal College of Physicians (RCP) said on Thursday. In a report likely to further fuel

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$2.5 Billion Vaping Boom Draws Class Action Lawsuits

Looking to form class action lawsuits under California’s Proposition 65, nominal plaintiff Jerod Harris filed a federal complaint against R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co. claiming he didn’t know vaping uses nicotine.