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EU army

MEPs Demand EU Army Happens Faster

Members of the European Parliament have urged member states to speed up the creation of an EU army, citing growing international threats.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls speaks during a press conference at the Auckland museum on May 2, 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand.

France Ponders Ripping Up EU Budget Rules

Nobody yet knows the winner of France’s presidential election next year, but the smart money is on one loser: The three-percent cap on government deficits enshrined in eurozone rules.


MEPs Take To Ivory Tower To Approve Massive €4 BILLION Budget Increase

Members of the European Parliament have voted to increase the European Union’s annual budget by an astonishing €4 billion next year, even as member states struggle with the fallout from Brussels-imposed austerity measures. The whopping budget rise is also a