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Viral Video Shows EU-branded Armoured Vehicle Crushing Paris Protests

Pictures and video of an armoured personnel carrier emblazoned with the European Union flag helping to crush Yellow Vest protesters in Paris has gone viral on social media, with many suggesting it shows what might be in store for Europe once the bloc gets the unified army it is planning.


French President Pushes for ‘Outsider’ UK to Be Included in EU Army

France’s outgoing socialist premier, François Hollande, claims the United Kingdom “will become an outsider” after it leaves the European Union (EU) and cannot expect any “advantages” – but he also wishes to include it in plans for greater European military integration.


British Majority DOES NOT Support A European Army

A majority of the British public does NOT support the idea of a European Army, contrary to reporting of a YouGov poll by the pro-European Union (EU) Independent newspaper. The Indy has reported: “The British public support the creation of a