Fishermen Angered After Tory Manifesto Sets Up Brexit Betrayal

The Conservative manifesto suggests Britain will not regain their full territorial waters after Brexit, claims the Fishing For Leave group who say the careful choice of words regarding fisheries may foreshadow a Brexit betrayal. The manifesto, titled ‘Forward, Together‘, commits


California Marijuana Boom Destroying 25% of Stream Flows

As Breitbart News reported in “Pot Tax: Sacramento Politicians ‘Jonesing’ for a Spending Fix,” the Democrat-controlled California Legislature is desperate for marijuana taxes, which could arise from a 2016 ballot initiative legalizing marijuana, in hopes of gaining a consistent new tax revenue source. But the California Department of Fish and Wildlife estimates that illegal pot growing is drying up watersheds and causing some at-risk fisheries to approach collapse.

Marijuana dude (Robyn Back / AFP / Getty)