Scalpers Look to Cash In Selling Muhammad Ali Funeral Tickets

For those hoping to attend one or both of the two Kentucky memorial services for boxing great Muhammad Ali, tickets were free but had to be picked up in person at the two box offices in Louisville. Naturally ticket scalpers were also standing in those long lines and now hope to make a killing selling the tickets that were originally free on a first come basis.

The Associated Press

No, Obama–The Charleston Murderer Was Not Being ‘Used by God’

President Barack Obama delivered a stirring eulogy Friday for the Rev. Clementa Pinckney and eight others who were murdered in their church earlier this month by a white racist who hoped his act of terror would ignite a racial war. The first part of Obama’s remarks were a fitting and inspiring tribute to the victim, whom he knew personally. The second half was a regrettably political speech that exploited the pulpit for partisan ends–and claimed the murderer had been “used by God.”

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Funeral Planned for Discarded Infant

On May 11th, the body of an infant girl was found alongside Interstate 37, within sight of downtown San Antonio, by a Texas Department of Transportation crew cutting grass and weeds on the right of way. The body had been stuffed into a piece of luggage, and apparently thrown from a car.