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Turkey Launches Major U.S.-Backed Ground and Air Incursion Inside Syria

TEL AVIV – Backed up by U.S. drones and American military advisers, Turkey on Wednesday launched a major military incursion across the border into neighboring Syria, deploying special operations ground forces and tanks while simultaneously launching airstrikes targeting Islamic State strongholds.

turkish warplane

Turkey Backs Down from Claiming Wedding Bomber Was a Child

The Turkish government has been stepping back from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s claim that the suicide bomber who killed 54 people at a Kurdish wedding on Saturday, many of them children, was a child aged 12 to 14 himself.

GAZIANTEP, TURKEY - AUGUST 21: People perform prayer for their relatives after the terrorist attack which is held during a marriage ceremony at Sahinbey district of Gaziantep, at Yesilkent Cemetery in Gaziantep, Turkey on August 21, 2016. At least 50 people died after the explosion. (Photo by Ensar Ozdemir/Anadolu Agency/Getty …