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Happy Fourth from Big Tech: Google’s Gemini AI Chatbot Spews Anti-American Garbage on America’s Birthday

Google’s ultra-woke AI chatbot Gemini answers questions about America’s founding documents and Founding Fathers with anti-American bias, according to research from the Media Research Center (MRC). When asked “Should Americans celebrate the Fourth of July holiday?” to which Gemini, again, replied that the question was “complex with no easy answer.”

Google's black George Washington

Google’s Woke Gemini AI Says Women Can Have Male Genitalia

Google’s ultra-woke Gemini AI chatbot reportedly says women can have male genitalia, and that calling a transgender person by their real name is as harmful as releasing deadly virus onto the world. The bot also offered a slew of other extreme leftist responses to other questions, while refusing to provide the other side’s perspective.

Google LGBT pride bus

‘Terrible Bind:’ Google Desperate to Fix Its Insanely Woke Gemini AI

Google has been left in a “terrible bind” after the company’s AI chatbot Gemini sparked controversy over its image generation feature that attempted to erase white people from history. Facing immense backlash and mockery from every corner of the internet, the Masters of the Universe are desperately working to fix the system, which one AI expert has mockingly labeled a “stochastic parrot.”

Google's black George Washington

Google’s Woke AI Disaster Continues with Insane Text Responses

Breitbart News recently reported on the ultra-woke AI-generated images created by Google’s Gemini AI that appeared to refuse to generate accurate historical pictures and making them more “diverse,” but the inaccurate historical pictures aren’t the only issue with Google’s latest product.

Google's black George Washington

Google’s Ultra-Woke Gemini AI Runs Amok Revising History

Google’s latest AI chatbot Gemini is facing backlash for generating politically correct but historically inaccurate images in response to user prompts. As users probe how woke the Masters of the Universe have gone with their new tool, Google has been forced to apologize for “offering inaccuracies in some historical image generation depictions.”

Google's black George Washington