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Venezuela: Opposition Rejects Papal Intervention as Maduro Declares ‘There Is No’ Congress

Venezuela’s political opposition rejected calls from Pope Francis for another round of dialogue with dictator Nicolás Maduro, and decried the pope’s claim that the opposition was currently “divided.” The Vatican mediated talks between the two sides throughout 2016 which collapsed as the government refused to release political prisoners or entertain presidential elections.

Opposition activists clash with riot police during a protest march in Caracas on April 26, 2017. Protesters in Venezuela plan a high-risk march against President Maduro Wednesday, sparking fears of fresh violence after demonstrations that have left 26 dead in the crisis-wracked country. / AFP PHOTO / RONALDO SCHEMIDT (Photo …

El socialismo destruyó a Venezuela – ¿Entonces porqué la oposición confía en la Internacional Socialista?

El socialismo ha destruido a Venezuela. La nacionalización de los negocios, el control asfixiante de precios, y un sistema draconiano de racionamiento de comida han dejado la nación pobre, enferma, y muriéndose de hambre. La represión política socialista ha terminado con las vidas de un sinnúmero de venezolanos y enjaulado decenas más en las cárceles violentas del país.


Study: Police Brutality Killed over 4,000 Venezuelans and Counting in 2016

Venezuelan government statistics revealed this month show that 4,156 people were killed in incidents labeled “resistance against authorities” between January and September 2016. Venezuela’s police have been accused of torture and beatings of dissidents, as well as raids of political opponents’ offices and keeping dissidents as prisoners of conscience.

Students demonstrate against the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in the streets of San Cristobal, in the Venezuelan border state of Tachira, close to Colombia, on November 3, 2016. Venezuela's opposition began a tense truce on Wednesday with President Nicolas Maduro, but supporters accused it of betraying them amid …

Police Attack Venezuelan Protesters, Politicians with Tear Gas over Recall

The Venezuelan opposition has begun a process to recall socialist President Nicolás Maduro, one that has outraged Venezuelans as the government stalls verifying the signatures to allow the process to go on. Thousands took to the streets Wednesday to demand Maduro address the recall effort properly, triggering widespread police violence.

Venezuelan opposition activists clash with the police during a demonstration in San Cristobal, on May 11, 2016. Thousands of Venezuelan opposition took to the streets to demand the National Electoral Council (CNE) to accelerate the process of a recall referendum against President Nicolas Maduro. / AFP / George Castellanos (Photo …