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Mark Levin: Fiorina Should Condemn Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Conservative radio host and author Mark Levin says GOP 2016 contender Carly Fiorina should denounce the activist Supreme Court for its legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide, rather than advise a Christian county clerk refusing to issue same-sex licenses to either perform her government job or quit.


Hugh Hewitt on Fiorina in Denver: ‘The Attendees buzzed the Most about Carly’

GOP presidential candidateS visited Colorado over the past weekend and attended a RealClearPolitics event on Friday, as well as a Centennial Institute’s Western Conservative Summit on Saturday. Numerous reports followed showing Fiorina wowed the crowd – especially conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt who said, “The attendees buzzed the most about Carly.”

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Preibus: 2016 Candidates Must Meet Thresholds to Make Debate Stage

Monday on the “Hugh Hewitt Radio Show,” Republican National Committee chairmanReince Priebus, said the 2016 presidential Republican Party candidates have to meet certain thresholds to be on the various debate stages because “you can’t do twenty people.” Partial transcript as follows

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