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Exclusive: Subterranean Warfare Expert Warns Terrorists Worldwide Will Replicate Hamas’s ‘Genocidal’ Tactics if Allowed to Survive

If Hamas survives the current war with Israel, then “they’ve won,” according to retired United States Army Major and urban and subterranean warfare expert John Spencer, who slammed the terror group’s use of “human sacrifice” tactics and warned that if Israel did not completely dismantle the organization then “massive genocidal attacks” and the taking of civilian hostages would be replicated by terrorists across the globe. 

A member of the militant Fateh movement walks along the street January 15, 2005 in Gaza Ci

Former U.K. Commander in Afghanistan: IDF’s Civilian Casualty Ratio ‘Better Than Most – if Not All – Other Armies’

Israel’s military has “achieved a significantly better civilian-to-combatant casualty ratio in battle than most — if not all — other armies,” according to former commander of British forces in Afghanistan Colonel Richard Kemp, who acknowledged the IDF’s success despite the fact that Hamas fights “from within the civilian population,” uses “human shields,” and “deliberately [tries] to force the IDF to kill as many of their civilians as possible,” so that the world “turns on Israel and falsely condemns it for war crimes.” 

IDF Soldiers ride in armored personnel carriers on October 17, 2023 in Be'eri, Israel

U.S. Expects Islamic State to Use Chemical Weapons to Defend Mosul

American officials fear that Islamic State jihadists will use crudely-designed chemical weapons, primarily packed with a sulfur mustard gas agent, to defend their de-facto capital of Mosul in Iraq from advancing Iraqi forces, Kurdish troops and Iran-allied Shiite militias, backed by U.S. troops.

Iraqi forces pushed the Islamic State group out of Qayyarah, considered strategic for a pl

Col. Kemp: Media Encourage Terrorists to Use Human Shields in War

JERUSALEM, Israel — Col. Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, told a legal conference that the Western media have encouraged terrorists to use human shields in war by focusing attention on civilian casualties in such a way that Western military forces were effectively deterred from responding to terrorist attacks. He suggested that legal doctrines might need to be adjusted in order to remove the operational advantage human shields provide terrorists.

Hamas stops Palestinian children from entering Israel on peace trip