Imperial College London

Epidemiologist Slams Disgraced U.K. Scientist’s Coronavirus Model: ‘Grave Scientific Misconduct’

A virologist and clinical computational epidemiologist has slammed the Chinese virus model created by fellow epidemiologist Dr. Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London, whose dire mathematical models of the Wuhan coronavirus’s spread formed the basis for lockdowns in the U.K. and around the world. Scientist Chris von Csefalvay labeled Ferguson’s work “somewhere between negligence and unintentional but grave scientific misconduct.”

Neil Ferguson

Imperial College Doctor: Prevention Measures Will Keep Death Rate Low

The doctor behind a U.K. college study on the impact of the coronavirus that predicted a doomsday scenario absent any prevention measures and prompted the U.S. government to take action against the deadly disease is now painting a more optimistic picture that is in line with President Donald Trump’s plan to open the American economy by Easter.

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