Institutional Racism


Ann Coulter: Secret Debate Tip for GOP

On CBS’s “60 Minutes” Sunday night, Lesley Stahl asked Education Secretary Betsy DeVos about the “institutional racism” in school discipline.

Demonstrators Protest The G20 Summit

Canada’s Left Wants Racial Crime Statistics To Push #BlackLivesMatter Narrative

Canada’s most widely read newspaper, The Toronto Star, is lamenting the lack of racial crime statistics aggregated by various levels of government. Over two decades ago, the newspaper was instrumental in facilitating outrage from the left over a revelation that police in Toronto were collecting statistics about race and crime.

Sanders Los Angeles (Ringo H.W. Chu / Associated Press)

Bernie Sanders Draws Huge L.A. Crowd, Sarah Silverman

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) packed the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena to capacity on Monday for a fiery speech in which he decried the “rigged” American economy and called for a “grassroots political revolution.”