Intelligence Sharing

Manchester Terror: Shrapnel, Battery, and Detonator Found at the Scene

The American New York Times has released images of bomb components reportedly from the scene of Monday’s terror attack at the Manchester Arena. The remnants suggest a powerful, sophisticated device that may have had the ability to be detonated remotely by an accomplice.

possible detonator

Source: France, Belgium Push Intelligence Sharing After Paris Attacks

France and Belgium want to improve intelligence sharing between the nine European nations most concerned with jihadist threats in the wake of the Paris attacks, a French government source said Monday evening. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and his Belgian


Texas Opening New Intelligence Center to Battle Border Crime

With the signing of House Bill 11 on June 9 by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a new intelligence center will be established in Hidalgo County, designed to target border crime more effectively. However, details are unclear regarding how this center’s mission will differ significantly from the multiple fusion and joint intelligence centers located across the state, calling into question whether the $2.1 million start-up cost is justified.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs Texas border security bills into law. (Photo: Breitbart Texas/Lana Shadwick)

Australia, Iran Sign Intelligence Sharing Accord

Australia and Iran have reached an agreement that allows for the two nations to share intelligence regarding the fight against Sunni jihadists in the Middle East, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced over the weekend.

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