Vandals Attack Jewish Center at Anti-Israel Campus

Last week, a group of vandals targeted the Chabad at San Diego State University (SDSU) and broke one of the branches of their free-standing menorah, which the Jewish people use to celebrate Hanukkah.

SDSU Chabad House menorah (Facebook)

Stephen K. Bannon: Claims of Anti-Semitism, Racism ‘Just Nonsense’

Stephen K. Bannon, who served as Executive Chairman at Breitbart News before becoming Donald Trump’s campaign CEO and now the President-elect’s White House chief strategist and senior counsel, responded to recent media attacks alleging that he is anti-Semitic during an in-depth interview with the Wall Street Journal.

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt Compares Trump’s Database to Holocaust

NEW YORK, New York — While delivering his opening remarks at the Anti Defamation League (ADL) “Never is Now” Summit on Anti-Semitism at the Grand Hyatt on Thursday, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt pledged to register as a Muslim if President-elect Donald Trump and his administration proceed to create a government database to register and track foreign entrants from Muslim countries in order to thwart terrorism.

Jonathan Greenblatt (Julie Jacobson / Associated Press)

Activists Sue Religious Jews over ‘Kapparot’ Chicken Ritual

Animal rights activists are suing religious Jews in Irvine to stop the tradition of kapparot, an annual ritual in some Jewish communities in which chickens are waved in the air, slaughtered and donated to the poor as atonement for sin in preparation for Yom Kippur.

Kapparot (Jack Guez / AFP / Getty)

Pope Meets Auschwitz Survivors At Death Wall

Pope Francis was set to meet Holocaust survivors at the former Auschwitz death camp in Poland Friday, as well as people who risked their lives to save Jews from the Nazis.


Bill Kristol: Republican Spoiler, Renegade Jew

While millions of Republican primary voters have chosen Donald Trump as the party’s nominee, Bill Kristol and a small but well-heeled group of Washington insiders are preparing a third party effort to block Trump’s path to the White House.

WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 03: The Weekly Standard Editor William Kristol (L) leads a discussion on PayPal co-founder and former CEO Peter Thiel's National Review article, 'The End of the Future,' at the National Press Club October 3, 2011 in Washington, DC. Kristol is on the advisory board of e21, …

Left-Wing Israeli Says He Helps Kill Palestinians Who Sell Land to Jews

The Jerusalem Post reported: A prominent Israeli campaigner for Palestinian rights was recorded saying that he helps Palestinian authorities find and kill Palestinians who sell land to Jews. The recording was aired Thursday by the television program Uvda of Israel’s Channel

AP Photo/Bernat Armangu

WATCH: One Direction Hanukkah Mash-Up Storms Internet

A Hanukkah-themed medley of One Direction hits has gone viral – and is set to brutally expose the generation gap in homes across North London. The Hanukkah mash-up was the brainchild of New York filmmaker Erez Cohen, and features several

One Direction Hanukkah Mash-Up Storms Internet

Muslim Writes Hebrew Letter in German Community’s New Torah

The Times of Israel reports: In a first for Germany, and perhaps the world, a Muslim wrote one of the Hebrew letters in a new Torah scroll. On November 29, the small Jewish community of Marburg, Germany celebrated the completion


One Victim in San Bernardino Received Death Threats Prior to Massacre

One of the 14 victims of Wednesday’s mass shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, Nicholas Thalasinos, 52, wrote in a Facebook post the day before the attack that he had received threats for days, including one that stated, “You will die and never see Israel.”

Nicholas Thalasinos (Facebook)

Jewish Student Pressed to Abstain from Israel Vote

A Jewish student at the University of California Santa Cruz was pushed to abstain from voting on an anti-Israel resolution seeking divestment from the Jewish state over fears that he was “elected by a Jewish agenda.”

Daniel Bernstein UC Santa Cruz (Facebook)