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Jordan Valley

Israeli Archeologists Unearth 7,200-Year-Old-Vessel Ritual Pottery Vessel

The Algemeiner reports: – A 7,200-year-old pottery vessel recently unearthed at the prehistoric site of Tel Tsaf in Israel’s Jordan Valley is the first evidence of the ritualistic and political significance of large-scale food storage in the ancient Near East, the University of Haifa reported on Wednesday.

pottery israel

U.S. Accuses Israel of Expropriating Hundreds of Acres of Land

TEL AVIV – The U.S. on Tuesday accused Israel of “expropriating land” in the Jordan Valley after Israel reclassified 2,342 dunams (578 acres) near the Palestinian city of Jericho as state land, the Jerusalem Post reported.

A Palestinian man rides a donkey as he herds camels near the Israeli settlement of Tomer in the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank on February 16, 2014.

WATCH: IDF’s New Commando Brigade Holds Its First Combat Drill

The Jerusalem Post reports: The recently established IDF Commando Brigade completed its first full combat drill, held on a hilltop in the Jordan Valley on Wednesday. In recent days, units in the brigade practiced a number of wartime command operations

IDF commando

2015 was Israel’s Third-Hottest Year on Record

The Israeli Meteorological Service (IMS) said 2015 was Israel’s third-hottest year on record. August and September were among the steamiest months ever recorded, the Walla news site reported. Still, 2015’s temperatures were significantly below those recorded during 2010 — the greatest

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