McKinney Police Department

White Woman Accused Of Racist McKinney Attack Fights Back

racey Carver, the mother of three caught on tape at the McKinney Pool Party video assault, has “received unspeakable threats” – including threats to rape and kill herself and her children – according to her attorney, famous civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred.


McKinney Pastors: ‘Seven Minutes that Changed the World’

McKINNEY, Texas — Tuesday night, McKinney pastors led a prayer and healing service in the Craig Ranch subdivision park with several dozen residents. They discussed the seven minute YouTube video — “seven minutes that changed the world,” said one pastor. Residents have been threatened and besmirched in the days since the community pool incident Friday evening.

McKinney Pastors lead healing service in Craig Ranch

McKinney Officials Respond to Casebolt’s Resignation

McKINNEY, Texas — The Mayor and Police Chief of the City of McKinney responded in a press conference to the resignation of Corporal Eric Casebolt Tuesday afternoon. Casebolt resigned following the release of a video showing him wrestling a bikini-clad teenage girl to the ground after she failed to comply with commands and resisted being detained.

Chief Conley

McKinney Community Attempts Return to Calm, Continues to Support Police

The community of Craig Ranch is attempting to restore calm in the neighborhood after a weekend where residents claim to have been threatened and large, chanting crowds marched through their residential streets. The pool, owned and operated by the Craig Ranch Community Association, that became the center of national scrutiny was re-opened to the residents Tuesday morning.

Craig Ranch Playground during protest

McKinney Black Pastor: ‘I Understand Why the Officer Drew His Gun’

McKINNEY, Texas – A local pastor told Breitbart Texas he understood why the McKinney police officer pulled his gun on the two young men who charged towards him as he was attempting to detain a teenage girl. The comment from the pastor, who did not give his name, came during a conversation just prior to Monday night’s march by activists through the McKinney community of Craig Ranch.

McKinney Police officer drawing weapon

Hugs on CNN over Denouncement of McKinney Police

An incident in the Dallas suburb of McKinney that had no injuries, only one arrest, no claims of bad behavior for 11 of 12 officers on the scene and that led to an immediate investigation by the McKinney Police Department is being used by the liberal media as the latest example of systemic racism and white supremacy.

Youtube screenshot

SHOCKER: HuffPo Attacks Texas Cop for Doing His Job

Following the release of a YouTube video regarding a police incident in McKinney, Texas, the Huffington Post quickly jumped to conclusions that police were in the wrong. Police responded to a call about a large group of teenagers at a private neighborhood pool where they did not live. Police also had calls indicating fights in progress.

McKinney Police Incident