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23 Voter Fraud Cases from 2016 and Beyond

President Donald Trump kept the threat of voter fraud on the front pages both before and after the 2016 Election. Although ballots have long since been counted, cases of illegal voting and other election law violations continue to surface in the aftermath.

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Refugees Crucial to ‘Global City,’ Says Dallas Democrat Mayor

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said he believes welcoming refugees is crucial to Dallas becoming a “global city” during a recent summit on the city’s economy, its workforce, and its future. The Democratic mayor made the statement after being asked about “hosting refugees” and “bringing people inside” as “one of the building blocks of a revitalized town.”

Mike Rawlings

Dallas Mayor Echoes Obama: ‘We’ve Got to be a New America’

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings insisted,“We’ve got to be a new America,” during a public radio show interview Monday in which he posited “xenophobia,” the fear of outsiders, would grip the nation unless citizens welcomed Syrian refugees and Central American illegal immigrants.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings with Obama

Dallas Mayor Admits Fear of White People

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings spoke out against Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s order to state agencies not to participate in Syrian refugee resettlement programs of the federal government. Abbott issued an order last week stopping Texas’ participation and he urged the White House to stop its programs.


Dallas Mayor Says His City is not a Viable Destination for High Tech Companies

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said that because of the failure of education, his city is not a viable destination for many companies, including the high tech industry. His remarks came during a conference of five North Texas mayors who participated in a workforce skills “gap” panel that focused on the role of local city and business leaders in public education.

Mike Rawlings