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Jeremy Clarkson Not Racist For Using Term ‘Pikey,’ Says TV Regulator

Despite being forced out of the BBC, open season on Jeremy Clarkson rolls on. The Traveller Movement has become the latest offence taker to bring a litigious grievance against one of the television presenter’s jokes. Ofcom, however, have ruled that his use of the


Conservative Home Secretary Planned a State Censor for British TV

Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May planned to switch the UK’s broadcasting regulator into a pre-broadcast censor, according to a leaked memo published today by the Guardian. Ms. May, who is one of the favourites to succeed Prime Minister David Cameron as

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Ofcom Confirms Over 2000 Complaints for ‘UKIP: The First Hundred Days’

The controversial Channel 4 programme ‘UKIP: The First 100 Days’ appears to have spectacularly backfired on the broadcaster as regulator Ofcom reveals it has had over two thousand complaints since the programme was aired on Monday evening. The “mockumentary”, screened while the

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