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Exclusive–Rep. Thomas Massie Unveils Bipartisan ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) introduced a bipartisan bill on Thursday to audit the Federal Reserve, telling Breitbart News that Wall Street and investment banks might have undue influence on the nation’s central bank. President Donald Trump has supported auditing the Fed in the past.

The Federal Reserve

Dem Rep: Obama Should 'Go Back and Read His Own Speeches' on Privacy

As the scope of the government’s spying on private citizens becomes clear, left-wing politicians are openly criticizing Obama and his Administration. Long critical of Bush-era anti-terror policies, many had expected Obama to end these practices, rather than expand him. MD

Dem Rep: Obama Should 'Go Back and Read His Own Speeches' on Privacy

Higher-order Bullying: Challenge the Rulers, Risk Your Children?

The national campaign against bullying and hate may be in the news, but it’s nowhere in evidence as an American university wreaks revenge, not just on a dissenter who ran for Congress–but on his children, and on a brave professor

House Democrats Insist on a Tax Increase

From the Associated Press: House Democrats voted Thursday to reject President Barack Obama’s tax deal with Republicans in its current form, but it was unclear how significantly the package might need to be changed. By voice vote in a closed