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Imprisoned Cuban Dissident Rapper Sews His Mouth Shut in Protest

Cuban rapper “Pupito en Sy” announced a hunger strike in solidarity with fellow hip-hop artist Maykel Castillo “El Osorbo,” who last week sewed his mouth shut while in prison to protest Cuba’s impending ban on “unauthorized” music.

Cuba eyes EU's planned Iran sanctions-busting system

Chinese ‘Patriotic’ Rapper: ‘We’ll Make Americans Call Us Daddy’

The Chinese government-run newspaper Global Times published a feature yesterday on rapper Wang Yifan, a “patriotic” hip-hop artist recently embroiled in controversy after performing a freestyle at Pennsylvania State University warning students that China “will make Americans call us ‘daddy.'”


‘The Red Dragon Ain’t No Evil’: Communist Rap Touts the ‘Real’ China

A Chinese rap group has released a song alleging to show the world the “real” China, claiming that its businessmen and “vaccination issue” are the nation’s biggest problems, while praising the Communist Party’s crushing gun control measures and asserting that all Chinese and Taiwanese reject the idea of Taiwanese sovereignty.

‘The Red Dragon Ain’t No Evil’: Communist Rap Touts the ‘Real’ China

Chinese President ‘Big Daddy Xi’ Jinping Makes Rap Debut

Chinese President Xi Jinping has made his first appearance in a rap music video; the state-sponsored single, “The Reform Group is Two Years Old,” celebrates a Communist Party reform committee’s persecution of allegedly corrupt party officials.

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