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Report: Local Regulations Harm Poorest Texans Seeking Housing

Local regulations from city governments in Texas are harming the state’s poor who are seeking housing. The Texas mantra of lower taxes and limited government has no doubt inspired the “Texas Miracle” and generated the Texas Model for others to follow. But, the Lone Star State’s municipal governments stand in the way of further growth — often harming its poorest citizens in the process.

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Chevron Chief: Climate Change Regulations Not ‘Moral’

Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) stands apart from other major oil companies as pressure continues to be ratcheted by prosecutors and activist investors alike to force climate reforms — arguing that other companies’ cowering can lead to new market gains. The oil producer’s CEO also pushed back against claims that environmental activists have a “moral” cause.

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Stop HUD’s Takeover of Local Zoning

The stories of administrative abuse from the IRS, the U.S. Attorney General, and the EPA are well known. Now, HUD is continuing the Obama Administration’s trend of executive overreach with its new Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing regulation—an oxymoronic idea that only a bureaucrat could love. This ill-conceived rule aims to diversify our nation’s neighborhoods by homogenizing all their differences.

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Obama’s 3,554 Rules and Regulations Cost Households $15,000

While in the past year Obama signed 224 bills into law, he also published 3,554 final rules. “This means that for every law passed by Congress, the federal government created 16 new rules,” according to the report from Sen. James Lankford. “While certain regulations are important to keep us safe, the current Administration has churned out new regulations at a pace that exceeds 3,500 per year.”


Uber Discovers What Happens to Consumers if Surge Pricing Is Regulated

A technical glitch during New Year’s Eve turned out to be an information treasure trove for Uber. Last New Year’s Eve in NYC, the surge pricing algorithms failed and didn’t allow Uber to incentivize more drivers to get on the road with higher pay, just as partygoers rushed to call drivers; only 1 in 4 of users who wanted a driver actually got one.


Regulatory Capture: Left-Wing Activists Write EPA Talking Points

When activists conspire with like-minded bureaucrats to impose mutually agreeable compulsive agendas on the rest of the public, the arrangement is every bit as corrupt as any crude payoff scheme. The result is the same: a conspiracy against the public interest, for the benefit of a powerful few.


Graph: Why California’s Uber Crackdown Could Hurt Workers (In 1 Graph)

The California Labor Comission just ruled that Uber must treat its drivers like normal employees, rather than independent contractors, potentially forcing the company to pay benefits and cover expenses. The decision is being hailed as a victory for worker rights and a major blow to the growing billion-dollar transportation startup.

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European Union Accuses Google Of Anti-Competitive Practices

The European Union has been involved in what seems like a permanent investigation of Google for abusing its search-engine dominance. There is a certain through-the-looking-glass quality to Reuters’ report on the latest developments, as Google is punished with anti-competitive regulations for allegedly engaging in anti-competitive practices.

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Obama Pushes Regulations for Financial Advisers in Weekly Address

In his weekly address, President Barack Obama touted regulations for financial advisers in the name of “retirement security.” Transcript as follows: Hi everybody.  In America, we believe that a lifetime of hard work and responsibility should be rewarded with a shot at


San Antonio Regulations Driving Uber Out of Town

Uber, the ride-sharing service that lets customers summon transportation using a smartphone application, has announced it will make good on its threat to cease doing business in San Antonio, Breitbart Texas has learned. The San Antonio City Council passed a new ordinance last December in a 7-2 vote, to be effective on March 1, and Uber says that if the ordinance is allowed to go into effect, they will leave the city.