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Rio Grande City

Cartel Smuggler Attacks Border Patrol Agent in Failed Drug Run

RIO GRANDE CITY, Texas — A Gulf Cartel drug smuggler trying to move a load of marijuana into Texas tried to use his vehicle as a weapon to ram a Border Patrol agent pursuing him. The agent was forced to fire his handgun four times at the suspect’s vehicle, but the smuggler swam back to Mexico.

A US Border Patrol agent watches as a group of people use inner tubes to float down the New River, reportedly the most polluted river in the US, after illegally crossing the US/Mexico border on March 27, 2005 near Calexico, California. The black plastic bags are for carrying a dry …

Mexican Cartel Violence Kills Texas Toddler, Dad

RIO GRANDE CITY, Texas — A three-year-old boy and his father are the latest victims of cartel-linked drug violence in Texas after a team of gunmen shot at them multiple times before making a clean getaway.

DPS Gunboats on RG River

Cartel Smuggler Escapes After Driving into Rio Grande

McALLEN, Texas — A Mexican drug smuggler managed to elude capture by plunging his SUV into the waters of the Rio Grande as he was fleeing from law enforcement. Cartel smugglers were not able to save the large drug load that was seized by authorities.

Cartel Splash Down main

Texas Court Blocks Effort to Close Border Voting Locations

RIO GRANDE CITY, Texas — A Texas appellate court has struck down a lawsuit seeking to close two rural voting locations for an upcoming school board election. Residents claim the case was an effort to rig the local school board election.

Texas Border School Election Lawsuit