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Sicarios atacan Convoy de Esposa de Alcalde en Zona Fronteriza

Un grupo de sicarios fuertemente armados, presuntamente con el cartel de los Zetas, viajando en un convoy de 9 camionetas atacaron la comitiva donde viajaba la primera dama del Municipio de San Fernando Tamaulipas, Rosa Elida Garza de Ríos. Policías estatales que eran parte de la comitiva repelieron el ataque donde no se reportaron heridos ni muertos.

Los Zetas Target

Cartel Gunmen Attack Rural Mayor’s Wife in Border Region

A squad of cartel gunmen, presumably with the Los Zetas cartel, traveling in a convoy of nine vehicles attacked the wife of the mayor of this rural community. The gunmen fired machines guns at her and her escort vehicles. Police officers assigned to her security detail fought off the attack and there were no injuries or fatalities.

Los Zetas Target

Cartel Robberies Continue Along Mexican Border State Highways

SAN FERNANDO, Tamaulipas — Heavily armed criminals continue robbing and kidnapping unsuspecting motorists that travel along the state highways that connect the border region with the rest of the country. In one of the most recent cases, a group of gunmen attacked a married couple near this city.

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5 Cartel Gunmen Killed Near Texas Border

SAN FERNANDO, Tamaulipas — Mexican authorities killed five gunmen from the Gulf Cartel during fierce battle. Unofficial information points to one of the deceased having been a commander within the criminal organization.

Cartel Gun battle 1

More Construction Woes for High-Speed Rail

The California High-Speed Rail Authority is battling new obstacles in its quest to build the track for the bullet train, including the removal of eight miles of track originally planned to end near Bakersfield, and strong opposition from San Fernando communities determined to prevent the train from traveling above ground in or near their communities.

Jerry Brown (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

San Fernando Valley Pushes Back against High-Speed Rail

In San Fernando, seventy people led by city officials entered an open house meeting led by train officials, erecting their own public address system to voice their anger over the train invading their community. The city officials wanted answers from state officials about the train’s effect on their community.