Silicon Valley’s Melting SunPower Cuts 2,500 Solar Tech Jobs

San Jose-based SunPower Corp. will slash 25 percent of its total workforce as one of the prime beneficiaries of President Barack Obama blowing $200 billion of taxpayer cash to increase renewable energy by 1 percent of total energy consumption.


California’s ‘Renewable’ Energy Grid on Verge of Crisis

California claims to be able to permanently replace fossil-fuel generated electricity with “intermittent” wind and solar generation, but the state’s electrical grid is on the verge of crisis as it may soon run out of the ability to import enough fossil-fuel electricity.


San Francisco Politicians Require Solar Panels in Fog City

Despite San Francisco not being an economically attractive location to site solar panels, the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed legislation this week requiring new construction in “Fog City” shorter than 10 floors to have at least 15 percent of rooftops “solar ready” — clear and unshaded — for installation of solar panels or water heaters.

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Curse of Delingpole: World’s Biggest Green Energy Company Collapses

Did you short-sell your solar energy shares as I advised last week in my Breitbart piece “The Solar Industry is Dying: Good Riddance? If you’d picked SunEdison – the world’s largest green energy company – you would have made a killing as its

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Hillary’s Freudian Slip

By now, most people know about Secretary Hillary Clinton’s recent campaign gaffe that “we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

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The Solar Industry Is Dying. Good Riddance.

If you still own shares in solar energy it’s probably a sign that you’ve been in the sun too long: the sector is tanking – and deservedly so – as reality dawns that this is a Potemkin industry, an Enron

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Solar is Becoming Real Estate’s White Elephant

Real estate brokers are warning that home sales are struggling to close when homeowners carry $20,000 or more in lease obligations owed for solar panels that are now “white elephants.”

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L.A. Ends Participation in Massive Solar project—to Save 100 Bighorn Sheep

Largely because the migration of bighorn sheep would be affected, the city of Los Angeles has refused to buy electricity from the Soda Mountain Solar Project, a solar plant proposed for the Mojave Desert, even though the plant could help the city reach its goal of obtaining 35% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

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