Book Review: ‘Wealth, Poverty, and Politics’ by Thomas Sowell

Sowell’s thesis is that many factors explain unequal outcomes, contrary to left-wing dogma that rich people get rich by exploiting the hapless poor, an “injustice” the State must redress through income redistribution. Nothing remains of “income inequality” rhetoric and redistribution socialism by the time the last page is turned. It’s a relatively short book, but remarkably thorough.


Mark Levin Book Signing Draws Overflow Crowd

On Sunday, multiple New York Times bestselling author and syndicated radio host Mark Levin packed Bookends Bookstore in Ridgewood, New Jersey, with fans eager to get a signed copy of his latest book Plunder and Deceit.

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Mark Levin’s Message to America: ‘Plunder and Deceit’

Mark Levin is hardly blind to all the other Big Government plunder going on, but in every chapter he returns to the ruling vs. rising generational conflict, urging young people to wake up and pull the political burglar alarms before they are wiped out. He knows this is an uphill battle, because so many liberal positions have been made fashionable to the very same young people whose future is being stolen by statism.

Mark Levin

The Minimum Wage Is a Tax Increase

The realistic response to minimum-wage increases involves some combination of making do with less labor – cutting hours, firing people – or passing the cost increase along to consumers. Rarely do we find such a clear-cut example of the latter as the hefty price increase at Chipotle restaurants in San Francisco. As the Chicago Tribune reported, the company was quite direct about raising its prices to cover the cost of local minimum-wage hikes, above and beyond the general price increase imposed on numerous markets to account for the rising cost of food supplies, particularly beef.

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Dear Pontifex: Poverty and Statism Kill the Earth, Not Commerce and Progress

It will be loads of fun watching the Left strip-mine the papal encyclical for politically useful passages while ignoring the rest of what Pope Francis says. Liberals already have a religion, and it is known for punishing apostasy. Ask any of the properly skeptical scientists who have been hounded and destroyed for daring to question “climate change” orthodoxy.

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Obama’s Latest Non-Recovery Chokes Out

We’ve been hearing this ridiculous garbage about cold winters freezing the engines of the mighty Obama growth engine every year for the past six years. The hard, cold truth is that we’ve never had sustained growth under this President’s policies that could do anything more than slow the bleeding in the American workforce. Everything he does, from ObamaCare to his amnesty orders for illegal aliens, is a job-killer. It’s a tribute to the underlying strength of the American economy that we’re not in even worse shape.

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The Left Is Tired Of Persuasion

Liberalism doesn’t have anything exciting or new to offer – even its plans for the Internet are drawn from 1930s telephone legislation. Yet the left has been very successful at imposing its ideas despite the clear will of voters – and reversing its policies will be difficult.

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