Transitioning Transgender Soldiers’ Medical Expenses 14 Times Higher than Average

Critics of President Donald Trump’s decision to bar transgender Americans from serving in the U.S. armed forces are citing a 2016 RAND Corporation study that, they claim, refutes “the idea that transgender soldiers are somehow expensive, or that they undermine the morale and cohesion of the military over all,” as the New Yorker put it.

Transgender soldiers rally (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

DONNELLY: Does California Export Poverty to Texas?

If all you read was the Sacramento Bee headline,“California exports its poor to Texas, other states, while wealthier people move in,” you might think it was true. But upon deeper inspection, it appears to be false — or, at the very least, highly debatable.

Welcome to Texas

Murders on the Rise in Mexico

For the first time in four years, Mexico saw an 8.7 percent increase in the murder rate, according to government sources. There was also a coinciding claim of a decline in kidnapping and extortion, perhaps indicating that criminal groups are once again shifting their tactics.

Body Bags with Corpses