Sylvia Garcia

Texas Senate Investigates Planned Parenthood over Sales of Aborted Baby Body Parts

The Texas Senate Health and Human Services committee began their investigation on aborted baby body part sales and questioned witnesses at the state Capitol for over four hours on Wednesday. The committee met to examine the business practices and regulatory structure of Planned Parenthood affiliates in Texas, and to investigate whether state or federal laws were broken with regard to the donation and/or sale of fetal tissue.

Sen Charles Schwertner

Bill Seeks to Stop ‘Revenge Porn’ in Texas

Long gone are the days when ending a love connection means a lot of name calling and bad-mouthing. Now, breaking up has gotten a whole lot harder to do in a “selfie-driven” social media age where a jilted ex-lover can plaster X-rated photos of that formerly dearly beloved all over the internet. It is called “revenge porn” and it turns private citizens into accidental overnight porn stars. Texas has a few bills gaining traction in the state legislature to stop the widespread malicious cyber-madness.

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