WATCH: Terrell Owens: ‘It’s Scary to Be a Black Man in America’

Terrell Owens
FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

NFL legend Terrell Owens says he is afraid of being a black man in America because black men are “getting killed at an alarming rate.”

The former San Francisco 49er wide receiver told TMZ that it does not matter how much money a black man makes in America he is vulnerable to being hunted down and killed.

“As Black men bro, we’re getting killed at an alarming rate now,” Owens said.

“This is why we as black men, black people, we’re scared. Honestly, I really didn’t think about it until like just driving around today, like honestly, it’s scary to be a black man in America, especially if you come in any type of encounter with law enforcement,” Owens exclaimed.

“There been times where, obviously, I knew my status or what have you can get me out of a situation,” Owens said of his fame.

“But I’m sure if I get pulled over, I’m sure my heart will probably be beating 90 miles an hour. Especially considering everything that has transpired since the George Floyd murder,” Owens continued.

Owens concluded, insisting that law enforcement must learn to be better.

“Our law enforcement, they’re failing us right before our very own eyes, bro. It’s a scary time to be a black person in America. There’s no doubt about it,” he said.

Owens is no stranger to proclamations about race.

Last year he attacked ESPN commentator Stephen A Smith and said that the talker’s co-host — the white Max Kellerman — is “blacker” than Smith. Naturally, Smith was not amused by the slight.

A few years ago, Owens went after his critics, calling them “Uncle Tommers” for criticizing him ahead of his induction into the Hall of Fame. Owens skipped his induction ceremony in 2018 and held his own event instead.

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