LIBYA, Tripoli : Students walk past a wall painted with a graffiti reading "free Libya" in the Libyan capital Tripoli, on March 31, 2016. / AFP / MAHMUD TURKIA

Libyan Government Seeks Unity; Islamic State Seeks Two-Thirds of Libya

The new Libyan “unity” government took a long time to reach the capital of Tripoli, because the Islamist warlords in control of the city would not let them use a plane. They had to sail from Tobruk to Tripoli by boat. They made port at the end of March, but did not get much further than the fortified naval base, where the “Government of National Accord” remains ensconced.

UN Special Envoy for Libya APMaggie Michael

U.N. Envoy to Libya Blocked from Landing in Tripoli

The U.N. envoy has been blocked from flying into Tripoli, which is the national capital, but not the current headquarters of the internationally-recognized legitimate government.

Reuters/Esam Omran Al-Fetori

Libya: Lawmaker Taken Hostage in Tobruk

In Tobruk, which is the current seat of the internationally recognized Libyan government, a member of parliament has been kidnapped, in the midst of a United Nations effort to negotiate a unified government.


U.N. Proposal for Unity Government in Libya Collapses

The parliament of Libya’s internationally-recognized government, which controls less than half the country, rejected a painstakingly-negotiated United Nations proposal for a unified Libyan government on Monday.


Libya: Rival Governments Defy Hardliners, Sign UN Unity Agreement

The largest piece of terra nullius in the world is one step closer to having an internationally-recognized government again. The two governments of Libya have signed a UN-brokered agreement to begin building a state in Tripoli, though members of both factions have loudly protested any such deal.


Gaddafi Son Sentenced to Death in Absentia, Rebels Don’t Trust Tripoli Will Kill Him

The Islamist government of Tripoli, one of two competing national governments in Libya, has sentenced Saif al-Gaddafi, son of slain dictator Muammar Gaddafi, to death. Few expect that sentence to be rendered, least of all the rebels that have kept Gaddafi in captivity and fear handing him over to be killed will only result in his escape.


Arab Nations to Meet over ISIS Takeover of Libya

An unnamed Arab League source tells Gannett’s Defense News that the heads of state of seven Arab countries will meet with Libyan officials on May 18 to discuss possible military intervention in that nation, as the Islamic State continues to expand its influence over large swaths of the country.