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Migrant who Kayaked to UK Accused of Raping Aid Worker

Immigration officers will question a migrant who paddled to Britain in a kayak over claims he raped a British aid worker in the Calais “Jungle” camp. The attack, which is said to be common knowledge among aid workers, reportedly took


MPs Call for Warships to Patrol British Shores to Boost National Security

Britain’s border security is “clearly under-resourced”, MPs have found, leaving the country’s front door wide open to people smugglers. They have recommended that it be supplemented with warships drafted in to provide security for the country’s small ports to guard


Sussex Police Arresting Illegal Immigrants on ‘Almost Daily Basis’

Sussex Police are arresting illegal immigrants being smuggled through southern ports on an almost daily basis, they have revealed. The Road Patrol Unit alone has arrested 119 people in the last six months. England’s southern counties have seen an explosion