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Parliament Votes on Snap Election Amid Brexit Divisions

LONDON (AFP) – Britain’s parliament votes Wednesday on holding a snap election in June, as Prime Minister Theresa May seeks to make strong gains against the opposition ahead of gruelling Brexit negotiations.


The 319 Misbehaving Councillors You WON’T Have Heard About On The BBC

Campaigning website Nope, Not Hope have published details of 319 councillors from Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats who have been involved with the police over criminal activity or investigated for their behaviour. The document lists all 319 Lib Dem, Labour


The Big-Name MPs Who Could Lose Their Seats in 17 Days’ Time

One of the lesser talked about themes of this mad election is the unusually large number of big-name politicians who could feasibly lose their seats. A couple of ‘Portillo moments’ can be always be expected, but in three weeks’ time

Britain's Chief Secretary to the Treasury Alexander attends a symposium "Les Entretiens du Tresor" at the Bercy Finance Ministry in Paris

Why I Want To Put My Foot Through The TV Screen

Whenever my wife sees a period drama on the telly she gets agitated if mistakes are made with matters equestrian. She is an expert on such matters . My father, an ex RAF pilot would get equally so if radio

Britain's United Kingdom Independence Pa