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Parliament Votes on Snap Election Amid Brexit Divisions

LONDON (AFP) – Britain’s parliament votes Wednesday on holding a snap election in June, as Prime Minister Theresa May seeks to make strong gains against the opposition ahead of gruelling Brexit negotiations.

Britain's Chief Secretary to the Treasury Alexander attends a symposium "Les Entretiens du Tresor" at the Bercy Finance Ministry in Paris

The Big-Name MPs Who Could Lose Their Seats in 17 Days’ Time

One of the lesser talked about themes of this mad election is the unusually large number of big-name politicians who could feasibly lose their seats. A couple of ‘Portillo moments’ can be always be expected, but in three weeks’ time

Britain's United Kingdom Independence Pa

Why I Want To Put My Foot Through The TV Screen

Whenever my wife sees a period drama on the telly she gets agitated if mistakes are made with matters equestrian. She is an expert on such matters . My father, an ex RAF pilot would get equally so if radio