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GRAPHIC — Dos Sicarios Mueren Tras Atacar a Policías con Granadas

Un grupo de policías estatales lograron abatir a dos sicarios que eran parte de un equipo que los ataco con granadas en el estado costero de Veracruz. El estado continúa siendo uno de los más violentos en México donde los cárteles continúan luchando por controlar los puertos marítimos de la región.

Screen capture of a paramilitary group which vowed to "eliminate" the Zetas, reputedly Mexico's most violent drug gang, in a video posted on the Internet on July 27, 2011 several days after 49 bodies were found on the streets of Veracruz. The video, according to its creators, shows a group …

Mexican Fugitive Governor Arrested — Second in Days

Police in Guatemala arrested a second former Mexican governor just days after authorities arrested another Mexican fugitive cartel-linked governor in Italy. Guatemalan police arrested the fugitive governor on organized crime and embezzlement charges.

Javier Duarte Arrest

300 Skulls Found in Mexican Cartel Mass Graves

The recent discoveries of new clandestine cartel gravesites with close to 300 human skulls continue to shed light into the horrors that residents of Veracruz endure at the hands of ruthless drug cartels and Mexican politicians who turned a blind eye.

FILE - In this Oct. 6, 2014 file photo, clandestine graves are taped off after 28 bodies were found in them near Iguala, Mexico. Mass graves are regularly found around the country _ 11 bodies in August in Michoacan state, 19 others in Iguala just last May. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

Interpol Now Hunting for Fugitive Mexican Governor

A former Mexican governor who went into hiding after allegedly embezzling a large portion of his state’s budget has now been added to a list of wanted fugitives by the international police agency known as Interpol. The former politician is believed to have been responsible for giving child cancer patients distilled water instead of chemotherapy.

Javier Duarte

Mexican State Gave Child Cancer Patients Water Instead of Chemo

The government gave hundreds of cancer victims distilled water instead of chemotherapy treatments in the latest scandal to rock the State of Veracruz. Hundreds of victims, including at least 32 children, died under the care of state-run facilities where the fake medicine was administered.