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DELINGPOLE: ‘Moronic, Self-Righteous, Disgusting Losers’ Tried to Turn the Berlin Attack on Nigel Farage

I have a very special Christmas message to all those people who attacked Nigel Farage for telling the truth about the Berlin massacre, and to all those who called me a “c***” for being rude about Brendan Cox. You are the reason Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidential election; you are the reason 17.4 million people voted for Brexit; you are the reason the European Union is collapsing. You are hateful, bigoted and—for all your hypocritical pretences to the contrary—fascistic.


Sci-Fi’s Hugo Awards Swept by Anti-SJW Authors — Again!

For the second year in a row, nominations for the prestigious Hugo Awards for science fiction & fantasy have been swept by the Sad Puppies & Rabid Puppies, two groups of authors and fans who oppose left-wing domination of the community.


‘SJWList’ Aims to Catalog Prominent Social Justice Warriors

Sci-fi author, game designer, and provocateur Theodore Beale (aka Vox Day) is never far from controversy. His latest project, a crowdsourced attempt to catalogue every social justice warrior (left-wing political activists known for their intolerant attitudes) in existence is no exception.

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SJWs Are Purging Politically Incorrect Sci-Fi Authors From Bookstores

Social Justice Warriors are once again demonstrating their political intolerance and hostility to free creative expression. It’s happening in an arena we’ve covered before – the world of sci-fi and fantasy publishing. File 770, the blog of three-time Hugo Award


Vox Day book turns Amazon Kindle store into battleground

The online culture wars have moved out of comments sections and into Amazon’s Kindle Store. Following the publication of a book by the controversial sci-fi author Theodore Beale aka Vox Day, two parody e-books surged to the top of the store’s

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