Gutfeld: ‘Climate Panic Helps Terror’ Maybe Climate Activists Are Racist

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld argued that “climate panic helps terror” and stated of climate activists, “Maybe they’re racist” on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Five.” Gutfeld said that climate activists “are almost entirely white European elitists, who wish to deny


Brokaw Proposes Five-Cent Gas Tax to Fund U.S. War on Terror Effort

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former “NBC Nightly News” anchor Tom Brokaw lamented the idea of deploying troops in the Middle East to combat ISIS, which has made repeated threats to the United States and its western allies. Brokaw argued


CLAIM: Obama Warned Islamic State 45 Minutes Before U.S. Airstrikes

TEL AVIV – It appears the Pentagon is struggling with the same moral dilemma that confronts Israel in its own war on terror: How to minimize civilian casualties without compromising the aims of airstrikes targeting terrorist infrastructure in urban areas.

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Poll: Americans Think Obama Is Losing the War on Terror

A new Rasmussen poll says “more voters than ever think terrorists have the advantage over the United States and its allies.” 46% of 1,000 likely voters responding to the poll thought terrorists were winning, while only 26% believed the United States and its allies had the upper hand. Those are the worst numbers Rasmussen has seen in over a decade.


September 11, 2015: They’re Not Losing

On the fourteenth anniversary of 9/11, the fourteenth year of a war that began with the slaughter of thousands of innocent civilians, it is very difficult to say that the enemy is losing. There have been successes, to be sure. The status report is mixed, fourteen years on. But the Enemy is closer to reaching his objectives than we are.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Commissioner of the New York Police Department Bill Bratton, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg pause for a moment …

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani Addresses Congress

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani gave an hour-long address to Congress on Wednesday, in which he mused that his country’s longstanding position as the graveyard of empires is quite exhausting to the Afghan people. Having established their reputation as fierce, stubborn fighters, they would really like to move on to a more productive future. “‘Ordinary’ is what has escaped us, and what we’d really like is to lead totally ordinary lives,” he said.

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President Obama Blames Bush For Rise Of ISIS

When in doubt, blame Bush. President Obama points the finger at former President George W. Bush for the rapid rise of Islamic State terrorists, and says the terrorist group is a consequence of the Iraq war.


Clapper: 2014 Most Lethal Year for Global Terrorism on Record

Thursday at Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on worldwide threats, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said 2014 was the most lethal year for global terrorism in 45 years the data has been collected. Clapper said, “When the final counting


Perry: Allies Don’t Believe US Will Keep Middle East Safe

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) said that the US’ allies don’t believe the US will be “putting into place the type of policies and strategy to keep the Middle East safe” on Friday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.” “Anyone who thinks

Governor Rick Perry

Rumsfeld: ‘No Question’ US Losing War on Terror

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said “there is no question but that we’re losing” the war on terror in an interview set to broadcast on Friday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.” “I can’t justify my comment numerically, but there is no question


Obama: Confronting Economic Grievances, Not Just Fighting Will Defeat ISIS

Thursday during President Barack Obama remarks on fighting counter-terrorism at the White House Summit to Counter Violent Extremism he said, “We must address the grievances that terrorists exploit,” by finding programs in “entrepreneurship and science and technology. ” The president


The Most Offensive Thing About Obama’s ‘Extremism’ Conference

The most outrageous thing about President Barack Obama’s “extremism” summit Wednesday was not that it failed to identify Islamic terror as the primary threat. Nor was it that there were several Muslim representatives with extremist views present. Nor was it that the president still refuses to acknowledge ISIS (or ISIL) as “Islamic”—even while referring to it by an acronym whose first letter stands for “Islamic.”

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Robert Davi: Boycott Obama’s Celebrity Supporters

My fellow Americans, I ask you to call on your congressmen and senators. I call for an awareness campaign, boycotting every Hollywood TV channel, show, movie, entertainer, studio and network that has been one of President Barack Obama’s supporters unless they demand he defines the threat to Jews, Christians and peace-loving Muslims around the world.


Psaki and Harf: The Clueless, Defending the Hopeless

The State Department spokesperson has the task of defending the president’s foreign policy more often than any other government official. During President Barack Obama’s first term, that unenviable task fell to the opaque Victoria Nuland, whose redeeming feature was that there was a spine behind the smokescreen. (“F*** the E.U.,” she famously said, albeit in private, on Russia and the Ukraine.) Not so with successors Jen Psaki and Marie Harf, the clueless defending the hopeless.

Psaki and Harf (Twitter)

Krauthammer: Obama Like James Buchanan In Terror Fight

Columnist Charles Krauthammer compared President Obama’s handling of the war on terror to James Buchanan before the Civil War on Monday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel. “Well, he’s [Obama] told us, he told us in the Vox interview


Pirro: ‘We’re Not Winning’ Against ISIS

On Saturday, the Fox News Channel’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” host Judge Jeanine Pirro argued “.ISIS doesn’t have a morale problem, they’re not a JV team, they’re not on the run, and we’re not winning.” Pirro stated that unless the


Krauthammer: Obama Trying ‘Regime Change’ in Israel

Columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that President Obama was attempting “regime change” in Israel on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel. “Barack Obama has forsworn regime change in the region, remember when we had the Iranian