Boston Dynamics Releases Terrifying Robot Reindeer Video For Christmas

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 18.22.45

You better watch out, you better not cry… because these reindeer are painted stealth-black and almost certainly sport some sort of fear sensor.

In a nod to holiday cheer, Boston Dynamics has released a video that may be slightly more horrifying than was originally intended. A suited-up Mrs. Claus member of staff charges over a barren and snowless hill, driven by three wiry headless monstrosities.

To make them less threatening, furry brown protuberances have been planted on the front of their pumping torsos. They’ve also been webbed with tinsel and wreaths that express the classic “holiday ghillie suit” motif so popular among wildlife this time of year.

The chosen Mrs Claus. frantically shakes her evergreen reins in impotent horror as the reindeer-like robots surge forward. Toward the end of the video, Middle Death Robot apes the once-popular Left Shark in setting his own pace across the campus tundra.

In the background, a helpless civilian noncombatant makes a desperate drive to freedom.

The revelation of this startling technological advance can only mean that Santa has grown quite sick of NORAD’s warrantless surveillance. While these new and improved reindeer might seem a little less magical, I bet they don’t show up on radar.

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