Adam Baldwin Quits Twitter, Calls for CEO Jack Dorsey’s Firing

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for TNT
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for TNT

Hollywood actor Adam Baldwin has quit Twitter over concerns that the platform is censoring opponents of the regressive left.

The actor and star of TNT’s The Last Ship deleted his entire seven-year history of tweets over the weekend, replacing them with a single message calling on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to be fired and the company’s new, widely-criticised “Trust and Safety Council” disbanded.

Baldwin, whose Twitter profile currently sports the icon of the recently-suspended conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain, told the Independent Journal Review that his decision to leave the social media platform was due to its growing censorship and lack of transparency.

They are very good at hiding whatever algorithms they have. They don’t explain themselves and they are not transparent. The onus is on Twitter to explain exactly why they ban people. It’s their company. I just choose not to participate in the suppression of ideas anymore.

Baldwin laid the blame for his departure squarely at the feet of Twitter’s new “Trust and Safety” council, which he described as “Orwellian.” He accused the council, the left-wing bias of which has been extensively documented here at Breitbart Tech as well as at Reason, of promoting a “groupthink” that’s “killing the wild west of ideas that Twitter was.”

“It’s really a shame that so-called ‘liberal thinkers’ and the so called ‘tolerant crowd’ is intolerant of varying viewpoints,” Baldwin told the IJ Review. “They’re so afraid to hear people disagree with them. Instead of ignoring it or providing their own arguments in return, they say ‘shut up!'”

The actor was recently targeted by Twitter himself. In mid-December, Baldwin had his account locked over a number of innocuous tweets that did not appear to break the site’s terms of service. After being forced to delete the tweets, Twitter restored his account.

Baldwin, who has appeared in cult favourites and blockbusters alike such as Firefly, Chuck, Independence Day, and Full Metal Jacket, had over 250,000 followers on Twitter, a mix of both pop culture fans and fellow conservatives. To receive updates from the star, those followers will now be obliged to follow him off the platform — perhaps to Instagram, which Baldwin himself touted as a potential alternative.

As we’ve previously reported at Breitbart Tech, Twitter is now widely perceived to be waging covert war against prominent conservative voices on its platform. We recently heard from an inside source at the company who confirmed that the platform engages in covert censorship, known as “shadowbanning,” of voices it considers unwelcome. Twitter, a company already facing a user growth crisis and plummeting stock value, now faces the prosepct of a conservative exodus as well.

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