‘Neutral’ PolitiFact Rated Just 15% of Trump’s Campaign Claims as True but 51% True for Hillary

A new poll gives Hillary Clinton a seven-point lead over Donald Trump in the race for the White House

PolitiFact rated just over 15% of Donald Trump’s campaign claims as true, while marking 51% of Hillary Clinton’s as such, according to PolitiFact Executive Director Aaron Sharockman.

“I’ve been tracking every @PolitiFact fact-check of the 2016 candidates since they announced,” posted Sharockman on Twitter just one day before the election. “I think this will be the final score.”

Attached to the post was a screenshot of a spreadsheet, showing the details of every “fact-check” of the presidential candidates during the election campaign.

Despite Trump’s campaign being announced over two months after Clinton’s, 312 fact-checks were made on Trump’s claims, compared to just 196 of Clinton’s.

Out of 312 fact-checks, PolitiFact determined that just 15 of Trump’s claims were true, with 34 classed as “mostly true.”

46 claims were classed as half-truths, while the rest of the fact-checks were marked as either “false”, “mostly false”, or “pants on fire.”

This left Trump with a 50.64% rating of false claims, with just a 15.71% rating of true claims, according to PolitiFact.

In comparison, Clinton received 38 “true” fact-check ratings, 62 “mostly true,” and just 25 “false” or “pants on fire” ratings — a substantial amount less than the 158 false or pants on fire ratings given to Trump.

Just 12.76% of Clinton’s campaign claims were marked as false, with 51.02% being marked as true.

Democratic primary nominee Bernie Sanders was given a higher truth rating than both Clinton and Trump, while Republican primary nominee Ted Cruz received only a 25% truth rating.

PolitiFact are currently set to work as a Facebook partner along with Snopes and ABC, where they will reportedly determine what news is fake or not, branding those deemed as such with a warning label.

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