Multiple Women Allege Abuse by VICE ‘Male Feminist’ Contributor

Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

Michael Hafford, a VICE News contributor who wrote “male feminist” content for the website, has received numerous allegations of sexual and violent abuse from women.

In one post, former VICE News employee Helen Donahue revealed several pictures of bruises on her body.

Donahue claimed the abuse, which allegedly took place in 2015, was perpetrated by “an editor [at] a popular mag,” and claimed he wrote a column on male feminism.

The alleged perpetrator was later revealed to be Michael Hafford, who has also written for Refinery 29, Playboy, and Rolling Stone.

Following numerous allegations of abuse, Hafford set his Twitter account to private, and blocked one of the accounts alleging abuse.

In a post on Twitter, writer Deirdre Coyle also claimed Hafford “physically forced me to do cocaine during sex,” while another account added, “This is the same guy who choked me at the foot of his stairs until I passed out and then repeatedly punched me in the face.”

In 2015, when at least two of the incidents allegedly took place, Hafford wrote eight articles on being a male feminist for the VICE News women’s subsection, Broadly, including “The Broadly Guide to Male Feminism.”

Despite numerous attempts from users on Twitter to get VICE News, Rolling Stone, Refinery 29, and Playboy to respond, they have yet to acknowledge the accusations.

**UPDATE** After this story published, another woman accused Michael Hafford of sexual abuse. Journalist Abby Carney tweeted “I too was forcibly entered and choked by the same male feminist.”

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