Facebook Censors Mark Levin After ‘Third Party Fact Check’

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook creepy smile

Facebook has reportedly reduced the distribution of another major conservative figure’s page. Today’s victim: bestselling conservative author and radio host Mark Levin, host of Life, Liberty & Levin on the Fox News Channel.

“Facebook has just sent us this message,” said Levin in a post on Twitter, which displayed a message from Facebook informing him that posts from his page will now face “reduced distribution” on the platform after a “third party fact checker” alleged Levin’s page was spreading “false news.”

“It’s a clear effort at censorship,” said Levin. “Every link I post is from a legitimate source.”

“Because so many people are seeing what I’m posting and we’re within weeks of the election it’s clear that Facebook is trying to influence the election’s outcome. It’s also clear Facebook is pushing a leftwing agenda. I’ll address this tonight on radio.”

This comes a little over a week after Facebook placed the same restriction on the page of Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News.

As Breitbart News reported on September 25:

Facebook has restricted the page of Tucker Carlson, the most popular cable news host in the country, smearing the Fox News host as sharing “false news.”

Carlson posted a picture of a message his page received from Facebook, informing the owners that the page now has “reduced distribution and other restrictions because of repeated sharing of false news. People will also be able to see if a Page has a history of sharing false news.”

Facebook did not specify in its message what the alleged “false news” consisted of, or whether the restrictions would be lifted before the election.

“Today’s censorship by Facebook” said Carlson, in response. “It’s no coincidence that the election is just weeks away.

Breitbart News has reached out to Facebook for comment.

Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News. His new book, #DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal The Election, which contains exclusive interviews with sources inside Google, Facebook, and other tech companies, is currently available for purchase.


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