Report: Large Increase in Illegal Aliens from China Crossing California Border

Chinese illegal aliens
AP File Photo/Court Mast

Federal authorities in California have spotted a new trend as the number of Chinese Illegal Immigrants entering the country has increased at exponential levels.

According to the available figures from the current fiscal year that run from October to May, U.S. Border Patrol agents in the San Diego Sector arrested 663 Chinese illegal aliens, the LA Times reported in an article by Tatiana Sanchez. The number of Chinese nationals arrested so far in 2016 shows a sharp contrast when compared to the 48 illegal immigrants from that country that agents arrested in 2015 or the 8 arrested in 2014.

“We just weren’t getting [Chinese nationals],” Border Patrol spokesman Wendy Lee in quoted by Sanchez.

Immigrants from China fetch a high premium for human smuggling organizations who charge from $50,000 to $70,000 per person. In her article, Sanchez quotes a study from the Migration Policy Institute that points to the “high-skilled and high-value emigration” from China to be fast rising.

The same institute places Chinese immigrants as the fifth largest group of individuals in the U.S. illegally.

According to Xiao Wang, a lecturer from UC San Diego that was quoted in the report, economic opportunity is the main factor driving Chinese immigrants.

“It’s people trying to make money,” Wang told the LA Times. “I think this is happening more and more.”

While the increase in Chinese illegal aliens is exponential, the numbers pale in comparison to the rising number of Central and South American illegal aliens that have been entering the country through the southern border.

According to the LA Times, in the San Diego Sector, authorities have arrested 663 Chinese immigrants. However, in the entire southern border, Border Patrol agents arrested 223,869 illegal aliens according to their most recent statistics from October to April,

During 2015, when San Diego Sector agents arrested only 48 Chinese illegal immigrants, they arrested a total of 26,290 illegal immigrants in that sector. Nationwide, authorities arrested 331,333 illegal immigrants along the southern border in that year.

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