CNN's Ashley Banfield Stages Phony Meltdown To Claim Ryan Is Soft on Rape

CNN's Ashley Banfield Stages Phony Meltdown To Claim Ryan Is Soft on Rape

There are two pieces of news in the clip embedded below. The first is that there actually is someone on CNN more sanctimoniously smug than Carol Costello.

The second is that the media’s desperation to use Missouri’s Todd Akin as a wedge that claims Paul Ryan is somehow soft on rape (as opposed to strong on issues of life) is only increasing as we enter day four of this ginned up nontroversy.

If you’ve eaten recently, you might not want to watch this. Banfield is nauseatingly insufferable here:


This is the kind of melodramatic histrionics you expect on MSNBC or Current TV, not the so-called objective, unbiased, Most Trusted Name In News.

My GOD, we have a sitting president who’s a wild-eyed extremist on this issue, a man who opposed a bill banning partial birth abortion, which is nothing more than a clinical term for infanticide. But all the media can do is freak out over a bill that used the perfectly legitimate term “forcible rape.”

But look at how little context Banfield intentionally leaves out of her staged and hilariously phony preen-a-thon. You’d think Ryan was opposed to punishing rapists instead of opposed to federally funding abortion.

But that’s the idea, isn’t it? Distract distract, distract…

Yep, unemployment’s increasing, the economy is shrinking, poverty is rising, but all the corrupt media wants to obsess over is anything that will help Obama run out the clock for the next 70-odd days.  


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