Hit the Road: Newsweek's Obama Issue Is Best Selling

Hit the Road: Newsweek's Obama Issue Is Best Selling

You may recall the recent Newsweek cover that featured a photo of President Obama, mouth agape, coat over his shoulder, appearing above the words “Hit The Road, Barack.” The media establishment just hated that issue. The magazine buying pubic, on the other hand, seems to have lapped it up as the issue has apparently become one of Newsweek’s best sellers.

Magazine Information Network, an organization that tracks national magazine sales, is reporting that early numbers show that Newsweek’s August 27 issue featuring the Obama dissing, “may have just knocked one out of the park on newsstand sales.”

The early read on sales suggests the issue could double Newsweek’s newsstand average, MagNet said. It’s also on track to land among the title’s top three newsstand sellers since 2010, according to MagNet data.

Apparently even iPad sales were through the roof coming in a 4.3 times higher than average.

When asked about their good fortune, Newsweek had no comment.


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