Media Smothers News of Romney's Commanding Lead with Independents

Media Smothers News of Romney's Commanding Lead with Independents

Even as the most recent polls show Obama’s convention bounce fading (as expected), that doesn’t mean our dishonest and corrupt media is going to crawl off the bandwagon they crafted over the weekend proclaiming Obama’s win as inevitable.

The Narrative is the Narrative is the Narrative, and this phony story of Inevitability was the only cannon shot our corrupt and dishonest media could fire that would smother the news of Obama’s lousy convention speech, his delegates booing God and Israel, and the worst jobs report in two years.

So a few polls come out documenting a run-of the-mill bounce and BOOM, CRASH, BANG, SMACK — the election’s over!

Except, you know, it’s not.

Damn the American voter for still wanting to vote, right John Harris and Jim VandeHei?

Even as the media overplays polls showing a convention bounce and rig their own polls to keep that narrative alive another couple of days, what we’re seeing in these very same polls proclaiming Romney dead is that he’s leading among the all-important independents by double digits.

You would think that with all the focus the corrupt media places on the vaunted independent voter that the news of Romney winning them by double digits would be pretty big news. But if you think that, you’re obviously under the mistaken impression our media is anything other than a shilling machine determined to win Obama a second term.

But here you go…. Straight from BNN…. NEWS THE CORRUPT MEDIA CAN’T USE:

Today’s Washington Post/ABC News poll has Romney leading by 11 points among independents.

Last night’s CNN poll shows Romney up 14 among independents.

You might ask yourself how in the world Romney could be losing (according to the corrupt media and their intentionally skewed polls) when he has a commanding lead with independent voters.

Well, that’s simple, the polls are weighted with over-generous samples of Democrats. In fact, the CNN poll linked above shows Obama ahead by six points overall but CNN’s absurd sample only includes 5% of the very same  independent voters Romney’s enjoying a commanding lead with. The Washington Post poll, however, samples 36% indies and that poll only shows a 1% lead for Obama.

But both polls assume 2012 is going to be 2008 again where Democrats enjoyed a D+7 advantage in turnout. WaPo sample is D +6 and CNN is D +5.

If anyone thinks that in this environment, Obama’s going to turn out that kind of advantage, you must be one of Obama’s media-shills.

But this is why the media is pushing this Inevitability Narrative — because they know this is a turnout election and that, by proclaiming the race over, they hope to suppress Republican turnout.

See how this works?

The media lies and lies and shills and lies and lies and shills.



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