Brit Hume Steps on Media's 'Hillary: The Great' Narrative

Brit Hume Steps on Media's 'Hillary: The Great' Narrative

It’s not as though we need another lesson in how the media manipulates language to shape a desired reality, but the past few months have still been another fascinating exercise in watching just how effective a coordinated media push can be when it comes to crafting conventional wisdom.

You expect the Obama Administration and Democrats to hurl all kinds of unearned adjectives at one of their own. But the media’s been just as aggressive in pushing this false idea that Hillary Clinton was The Greatest Secretary of State In The History Of Secretary Of Stating.

Well, that’s why the Good Lord invented Fox News and Brit Hume. Though he expressed some of this dissent yesterday on “Fox News Sunday,” Thursday afternoon on “Special Report,” Hume went into more detail as to why the facts surrounding Hillary’s tenure at State simply don’t add up to greatness.

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Hume’s not only being generous and, I think, exceedingly fair to Hillary; he’s also sticking to facts that simply can’t be disputed. There’s no question Hillary worked hard, never embarrassed us, and was competent. But there’s just no evidence of greatness other than the Orwellian rhetoric pushed by an administration and its lapdog media.

Another reason I’m posting an older clip is because, within the context of Hume questioning Hillary’s “greatness,” nothing in the Sunday clips I saw mentioned Libya. In the clip above, though, Hume makes a crucial point: that Libya could still come back to haunt Hillary in a big way.

Republicans will never (and should never) let this go, and we still have a few decent journalists who might keep digging for answers. Another shoe could drop at any time and scuttle Madam Secretary’s coronation.

But as of right now, Hume, and those of us who agree with him, are fighting the tide. As we’ve seen time and again, when it comes to protecting Democrats, the media will decide what the truth is.   


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