Media Fail: Hillary's Favorability Ratings Collapse

Media Fail: Hillary's Favorability Ratings Collapse

In a new Quinnipiac survey, Hillary Clinton’s favorability ratings have taken a steep nosedive in just a few months. Back in February, the former Secretary of State and likely 2016 presidential contender sat at a comfortable 61% -34% favorable/unfavorable rating. Today that has dropped to 52% – 40%. It is fairly obvious that, despite the media’s best efforts to protect her, the scandal surrounding Benghazi is finally taking the toll it should.

The battle against the media to get the truth out continues.

We all remember the midterm campaign season of 2006, for that was the season of the GOP’s “Culture of Corruption,” a season that dominated both the Democrats’ campaign push and media headlines. And there was no media talk then about “Democrat overreach” or how important it was for Democrats to talk about “the priorities of voters.” No, locked arm-in-arm, Democrats and Their Media worked together to hype scandals, swamp the GOP, and hand Nancy Pelosi the Speaker’s gavel.

Now that the script has flipped, though; now that it is the media’s Precious Obama facing the six-year, midterm curse and Republicans who stand to benefit from a trifecta of scandals, the media are singing a totally different tune. The media word of every day is “Overreach!,” as in “will Republicans go too far in pursuing these scandals?” And the media talking point of every day is, “The GOP is pursuing these scandals at the expense of voter priorities.”

But that is all the same ole, same ole from our corrupt media — a hustle, a scam, a partisan crusade. The same media that created massive scandals out of nothingburgers like Valerie Plame and Mark Foley now want to nothing-to-see-here legitimate scandals like the IRS and  the administration lying about Benghazi.

The media is desperate to salvage Obama’s second-term agenda, even if that means swallowing hard the taste of knowing Obama’s violations of civil liberties make the dreaded George W. Bush look like a pony-tailed hippie ACLU lawyer.

But the media are also desperate to save Hillary Clinton, for they see her as the best chance to keep the GOP out of the White House in 2016. And they know that all they need to is lay the First Black President template over the First Woman President campaign, and Voila! — what we have here is another eight-years of victories for the State by way of identity politics.  

This is why, for almost a year now, despite four dead bodies, we have been told again and again that Hillary is the Best Secretary of State in the History of Secretary of State-dom.

This is also why the media are criminally disinterested in a White House that has been caught repeatedly lying about events surrounding the September 11 terror attack, and even more disinterested in the State Department’s lack of consulate security, the State Department’s massaging of talking points, and Madame Secretary herself standing before four coffins and going all Charles Bronson against a hapless filmmaker who had nothing to do with anything.

But Congress is interested in the truth, and so are the American people. This is why Hillary’s favorability ratings have collapsed despite the conspiracy that ensured that across all platforms the media was screaming, “This is all politics! The GOP and Fox News are only smearing Hillary! Leave Hillary alone! What difference, uhm, does it make!?”

Our media have devolved into Place Guarding Liars who see their jobs as blocking the truth from getting out, not digging for it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But that is who they are.


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