Live Blog Shutdown Week 2 Media Enter Bubble Wrapped In Echo Chamber

Live Blog Shutdown Week 2 Media Enter Bubble Wrapped In Echo Chamber

4:02 – CNN Poll: 63% Angry at GOP, 57% Angry at Dems, 53% Angry at Obama

This is a new CNN poll just released on “The Lead with Jake Tapper.”

As you can see, the numbers are very, very close.

Back in 1995, Clinton was destroying the GOP in these polls by 2-to-1.

3:53 – ABC/WaPo Poll: 55% Disapprove of Obama’s Handling of Shutdown

The media seem to be focusing on the 45% – 51% approve/disapprove number Obama is getting from “all adults.” That number is better than what he is getting from registered voters, which is 43% – 55%.

3:38 – ABC/WaPo Poll: Desperate Media Spin Two-Point Difference as GOP Disaster

The Washington Post headline reads, “Republican disapproval grows in budget battle, Post-ABC poll finds.”

GOP disapproval grew from 63% to 70% — a 7 point increase.

De disapproval grew from 56% to 61% — a 5 point increase.

A two-point difference and the media are claiming that it proves the GOP are losing the budget battle.


2:58 – After Being Outmaneuvered By GOP, Media Ends Sob Stories

What a difference the GOP’s offer to fund veterans, parks, and the National Institute of Health makes.

To put pressure and blame on the GOP, last week (and through all of the 1995 shutdown) the media relentlessly focused on everyday people inconvenienced by the shutdown at our national parks; not to mention the sick children with cancer who need NIH treatment. 

But now that the GOP have outmaneuvered the media and Obama with their offer to compromise and fund these programs piecemeal, the media have had to drop the sob stories because in order to report on them accurately, the media would have to tell the world that the GOP is willing to fund these programs and it is Obama standing in the way.

Can’t have that.

2:30 – Racist Stock Market Refuses to Tank for Obama

Last week, in a remarkable moment of community organizing, President Obama tried to spook the markets by claiming that they “should be worried” about the ongoing budget negotiations.

For the last few days, some in media have been saying that with the GOP dug in, only the markets cratering will budge them.

As I write this, the Dow is not cooperating. It is down only 82 points.

1:46 – Poll: 25% Blame Boehner for Shut Down, 24% Blame Obama

A Fox poll released Friday shows that Democrats and Republicans are sharing equal blame for the shutdown.

Who do you think is most responsible for the federal government shutdown? 1-2 Oct 13

Republican leaders, such as John Boehner 25%

Tea Party Republicans, such as Ted Cruz 17

 Democratic leaders, such as Harry Reid 8

President Barack Obama 24

(All/Combination) 20

(Don’t know) 5

More proof this is not 1995.

The GOP were losing 2-to-1 during that shutdown.

1:15 – New Media Force Obama to Change Tone, Act Presidential

President Obama just gave a statement on the shutdown at a FEMA conference, and the Obama that showed up today was someone completely different than the Obama we saw last week.

Last week, Obama was a flame-throwing, hysterical, campaigning partisan accusing Republicans of putting a gun to the American people’s head. Obama was also proudly proclaiming he would not negotiate.

Today, however, the Obama that showed up was sober, thoughtful and about as close to presidential as he can get.

First off, although the media assure us Obama is winning this shutdown battle, the obvious and dramatic change of presidential tone, proves this is not the case.

Secondly, it is New Media that forced the president to act presidential.  The same mainstream media that promised to enforce a New Tone, refused to make Obama pay a political price for rhetoric laced with violent images. It was New Media that made this an issue.

Both President Obama and the media are learning that it is not 1995 anymore; there is a New Media in town.

12:52 – Hysterical CNN: Shutdown Will Cause Road Rage, Broken Relationships

I don’t want to dismiss government workers facing furlough. But unlike those of us in the private sector who are guaranteed nothing, there is a very good chance these workers will get paid for this time off.

Also, they have only been off for a week.

The same CNN that has shown zero interest or compassion for the working class victims of ObamaCare, just ran a hysterical segment with clinical psychologist Jeff Gardere, who warned that one of the “risk factors” of the shutdown would be furloughed workers “becoming depressed” and dealing with “a lot of anger. “

“We’re going to see that anger in road rage, we’re going to see the anger in marriages and relationships with families,” Gardere warned. “Because they are very frustrated. They don’t know what to do about the government shutdown. They don’t know what to do about the politicians. And they feel that people are fiddling while Rome is actually burning.”

Speaking personally, in my lifetime I have lost two jobs because a company went bankrupt or lost its funding. There was no promise of back pay. There was no promise that I would get my job back. I was screwed and had a mortgage to pay.

The last time this happened to me was during the 2008 meltdown.

Never once, though, did this result in my engaging in road rage or feeling anything different towards my loved ones.

Again, I don’t want to dismiss what these furloughed workers — especially those living check to check — are going through. But in the private sector, we live with insecurity and job losses every single day.

12:30 – Jim Pinkerton Gives This Live Blog a Shout-Out on Fox News

Pinkerton and Alan Colmes were debating the media coverage of the government shutdown. Pinkerton pointed out that while the media coverage has been as biased as it was in 1995 (especially at the Washington Post), New Media is getting the truths out the mainstream media cover up. This live blog was mentioned along with my colleague Mike Flynn’s must-read article on Obama closing the oceans.

11:31 – No Mention of Kids with Cancer Suffering Under Obama’s Veto Threat

Last week, using kids sick with cancer and in need of treatment from the National Institute of Health, was all the rage in media. Today, not so much.

The GOP have agreed to a compromise bill funding the NIH.

Obama has threatened to veto those cancer treatments.

Today, the media are not interested in the story.

11:15 – Quick question for the media: What is the Narrative today? Are the GOP “safely gerrymandered” or “in trouble.”

Thanks in advance…

10:55 – Facts Force Media to Slow Their Roll On Debt Ceiling Scare Tactics

Had you watched the media coverage of the coming debt ceiling “crisis” Thursday, you would have been led to believe that a failure to raise the debt ceiling would result in financial Armageddon for America. The media were comparing the results of default to the 2008 economic meltdown.

Over the past few days, though, cooler heads have explained that a government taking in $250 billion a month in tax revenue can most certainly avoid default by paying $25 billion of monthly debt. Those are Senator Rand Paul’s numbers.

There is also talk that the GOP House can pass what’s called the Full Faith and Credit Act, which would ensure America’s debt is paid.

And so the media have slowed their roll on the fear-mongering.  

My guess is that the media were hoping to help Obama scare the markets into tanking as a way to blackmail the GOP into caving. But along came New Media to spread the truth and now they have had to shut up.

Never forget that the same media trying to tell you the debt ceiling will result in an economic catastrophe is the same media that cried “wolf” with the sequester and assured us that not passing gun control would be the end of the GOP.

10:31 – Obama Reverses Course on Amber Alert Website

The decision to shutter the Amber Alert website was big news in New Media. Naturally, because it made the petty and shrill Obama administration look petty and shrill, much of the media ignored it.

Not CNN’s Jake Tapper, though. He dug in and got the lowdown after the White House reversed course and put the website back up.

Tapper reports the Administration was worried about the bad press.


The White House’s reversal  on this is telling. If the administration thought the GOP would be blamed for the Amber Alert shutdown, they would have likely left the site down. After all, this is the same administration ready to veto the GOP’s compromise bill on funding treatments for children sick with cancer. My guess is that the White House was worried the media couldn’t cover for them and the Amber Alert shutdown would blowback on Obama, which is why they relented.

That is not the behavior of a White House that believes it is winning.

10:12 – Desperate Media Reduced to Koch Conspiracies, Attacking GOP Patriotism

The media keep telling me Obama is winning the shutdown political battle.

Then why is the New York Times screaming about Koch conspiracies?

Why is NBC’s Mika Brzezinski going the full-Joe McCarthy?

Why is the National Journal’s Ron Fournier also going the full-Joe McCarthy?

9:33 – BREAKING: Ron Fournier Says Wanting Government Law to Fail Is ‘Unpatriotic’

On MSNBC’s “Daily Countdown” the National Journal’s Ron Fournier declared as “unpatriotic” those of us who want ObamaCare to fail. His argument is that if “a law is on the books, we should all be doing what we can to make it work.”

Apparently, Fournier opposes civil disobedience of any kind; an age-old protest tactic to ensure that laws on the books don’t work.

One wonders if Fournier would declare as “unpatriotic” those who want school choice, abortion restrictions, and voter ID to laws to fail.

The idea that you are unpatriotic unless you are doing everything you can to make ObamaCare a success is pure fascism.

Obey your government…

Do not dissent…

Who are these people, you ask? The same Democrats who opposed Civil Rights. You know, because segregation and slavery laws were on the books and it was therefore every citizen’s duty to make them work.

8:07 – BREAKING: Media Admits They Lied About Gingrich In ’95

I was 29 years-old in 1995 and remember very well how the media treated then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich during that particular shutdown. Oddly enough, though, the media don’t seem to remember.

Listening to “Morning Joe” today and other parts of the media you would be led to believe that the Newt Gingrich of 1995 was a reasonable statesman fighting for valid cause during that particular shutdown. 

Well, maybe he was. But the media treatment of Gingrich in ’95 perfectly mirrors the media treatment of Ted Cruz today. In ’95, the media told America Gingrich was an unreasonable, crybaby, extremist freak on a rampageto starve old people.

This is a game the media always play; they always love the LAST Republican into a weapon against the current Republicans. You see the same with Ronald Reagan, who the media hated every bit as much as Sarah Palin today.

7:48 – Today’s Edition of Stuff Media Won’t Report: All 48 Dems Voted Against Debt Ceiling In ’06

The media are fully backing President Obama in the debt ceiling fight, especially his propaganda about how if it not raised the result will be disastrous. The media re also not challenging Obama’s newest principle over how raising the debt limit cannot be used a negotiating tactic. 

But all the way back in 2006, then-Senator Obama refused to vote for raising the debt ceiling, as did all 48 Senate Democrats. 

Over at NRO, Jim Geraghty has a quote from Senator Obama that makes him sound like Ted Cruz. Only the media did not treat Obama like Ted Cruz. 

7:21 – ‘Morning Joe’ Enters GunControlSequester Mode

With no new polling and a GOP looking more unified than it did last week, the predominantly white Borg that populate that Velvet Bubble known as “Morning Joe” came together to reassure one another that Obama is winning the shutdown battle and that the GOP is on the road to disaster.

It was hard to tell if this was a rerun of the sequester “Morning Joe” episodes or a rerun of the gun control “Morning Joe” episodes. 


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