Least Trusted Name In News: Hillary Interview Delivers LOWER Ratings for CNN


CNN’s growing reputation as a dishonest, hard-left cable news network has come home to roost. Although the left-wing cable news network hyped the hell out of scoring the first national interview with Democrat presidential contender Hillary Clinton, Brianna Keilar’s cowardly, shallow, and partisan interview actually earned lower than normal ratings.

CNN Commentary by way of The Daily Caller:

 Ratings for [The Situation Room] were basically par for the course at 5pm, only slightly down compared to usual; the interview brought 153,000 demo viewers in.

When it aired at 8pm on AC360, however, that was perhaps the biggest drop-off. The repeat of the interview on Cooper’s show had 167,00 demo viewers – which is 37,000 fewer viewers than 360‘s average for the past quarter.

Why would any sensible adult, regardless of their political stance, tune in to watch Hillary Clinton interviewed on CNN by anyone other than Jake Tapper?

CNN sees it as its duty to get Hillary Clinton elected president in 2016. So going in you know you’re not going to learn anything new about Clinton.

CNN has been in the tank for the Clintons for 25 years. Why waste 20 minutes of your short life on what you already know will intentionally be an interview designed to protect Clinton, as opposed to challenge her?

People intuitively understand that watching CNN interview Hillary Clinton will be no more illuminating than watching her interviewed by a gal-pal who attends the weddings of Clinton senior campaign  officials.

Oh, wait that’s exactly who interviewed Clinton.

CNN is a joke.


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