November Ratings: Fox News Nearly Triples Last Place CNN in Primetime Viewers

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The cable news ratings for November have been tallied, and the fake news factory that is CNN found itself in a distant last place behind second-place MSNBC. As has been the case forever, Fox News held the top spot.

Fox News trounced CNN in every conceivable metric, most especially in total viewers.

Fox’s average of 1.43 million total day viewers more than doubled CNN’s pathetic 690 thousand. During primetime, the humiliation was even worse: Fox’s 2.299 million viewers nearly tripled CNN’s laughably low 855 thousand.

Putting CNN in a distant last place was second place MSNBC, which nearly doubled CNN’s paltry primetime viewership (855 thousand) with 1.687 million total viewers. Both of the left-wing networks were far apart in total day viewers, with MSNBC notching 942 thousand, compared to the 690 thousand for last place CNN.

In a country of more than 330 million, CNN cannot manage to accumulate anything close to even one million viewers.

Total Day Viewers (25-54 demo viewers)

Fox News: 1.43 million (299 thousand)

MSNBC: 942 thousand (209 thousand)

CNN: 690 thousand (228 thousand)

Primetime Viewers (25-54 demo viewers)

Fox News: 2.299 million (447 thousand)

MSNBC: 1.687 million (371 thousand)

CNN: 855 thousand (301 thousand)

For years, CNN was at least able to beat MSNBC. That all changed, however, as CNN became a Conspiracy Theory Network devoted to bringing down President Trump. During the past year, as it has slipped well behind MSNBC, CNN has devolved into a punchline, a national laughingstock widely seen by the public as a pompous and self-righteous news outlet constantly out for revenge against a president who dares to call out their serial lies.

Due to its hatred for Trump and countless fake news sprees, CNN has been forced to retract stories and fire numerous  staffers.

On Tuesday, the news only got worse for the disgraced network. CNN became embroiled in the elite media’s ongoing and horrific sexual abuse scandal when the senior producer of State of the Union, Jake Tapper’s low-rated Sunday show (Tapper pulled in fewer total viewers than a rerun of Fox News Sunday), was fired over numerous misconduct complaints. Tapper’s problems do not end there. Once seen as the future of CNN, Tapper has been struggling in his 4 p.m. slot. Ratings-wise, in total viewers, he regularly loses to Fox News and to – of all people – MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace – and usually by a large margin. Tapper has even started to slip against Wallace in the 25-54 demo.

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