Nolte: New York Times’ Maggie Haberman Blames Trump for Media’s ‘Animal’ Fake News

Journalist Maggie Haberman, White House correspondent for the New York Times, speaks at the “Nobel Week Dialogue: the Future of Truth” conference at Svenska Mässan on Dec. 9 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Julia Reinhart/Getty Images
Julia Reinhart/Getty Images

Maggie Haberman of the far-left New York Times is publicly blaming President Trump after the media deliberately took his “animal” comments about MS-13 gang members out of context.

On Friday, when the president said the media had intentionally twisted his words as a means to make it sound as though he was describing all illegal immigrants as “animals,” he was exactly right. In the hopes of deceiving the American people, the media did deliberately lie.

There is simply no other explanation. To begin with, whether you watch or read them, there is no nuance, ambiguity, or room for misinterpretation in the president’s remarks. It is not only crystal clear he is specifically referring to MS-13 as “animals,” he has a long record of doing so. And for those interested in accuracy who might not have watched the event live, there is this wonderful Google Machine that tells you anything you want to know.

What’s more – and how sad is this? – how many of us watched Trump’s remarks and immediately knew the media would lie about them?

And so, the news cycle played out exactly as it always does. The media intentionally lied about Trump’s MS-13 remarks, at least until the pushback became too fierce. Then the media quietly “corrected” the lies. Then the media moved on to lie about something else. Rinse, wash, repeat. Welcome to American Journalism 2018.

The left-wing Haberman, however, still cannot let it go. Although she has been forced to concede Trump was referring to MS-13 and not all immigrants, she is now attempting to blame Trump over the fact that she and her media colleagues misled the American people by refusing to report the full context of his remarks:

Outside of Haberman’s childish refusal to take personal responsibility for her own actions, the claim that Trump “issue[d] mushy-edged statement that is meant to leave an impression” is simply false. Trump did not issue a statement; he was speaking extemporaneously during a roundtable discussion.

Secondly, there was nothing at all mushy or unclear about Trump’s remarks, but, apparently, the elected President of the United States is supposed to change his speaking style to protect the unelected from failing to use The Google.

Haberman has once again proven she is unafraid to make a public fool of herself. But this is to be expected from a documented liar who volunteered as an off-the-books public relations tool for Hillary Clinton, and who even allowed the Clinton campaign to publicly walk her around on — no joke — a leash.


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